Artex Pvt Ltd is a full line, service oriented manufacturer of high quality interlock pavers, and terrazzo tiles. Only the highest grade materials go into our products. We provide best of the products one can find locally and also provide a full range of installation services for these products.

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Interlocking Paving Blocks

Artex Paver

Interlock pavers today are widely used and well understood for its advantages, and for that reason it has become an integral part of modern landscaping and urban planning. Surfaces of smart cities around the world are paved with interlocking paver blocks.

Along with in Nepal they are comprehensively used for pavement of parking areas, food parks, sub-roads, shopping malls compound, driveways and pedestrian walkways.

Also they are expedient to use therefore well-liked by the real estate developers of across the world. These products are made in factories with concrete, sand and cement hence can be customized according to the budget and preference. Unlike traditional red bricks paved in roads they do not erode away or get damaged with the regular uses.

Artex  interlocking paver blocks are a recommended product by the government of Nepal and has been manufacturing  with far beyond the quality standard set by the government of Nepal.  Primarily the maintenance of these pavers is easy and can be replaced with simplicity or without distressing the existed surroundings. Moreover they are produced in unlimited shapes and design and colors or as per your construction theme. So in order to put in value and elegance to your courtyard, house and other property use paver blocks to pave the floor, and at the same time it is most reasonable concrete accessible in the market and besides that easy to install and most durable. That’s why the government also chooses this for the big construction.