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How to Choose Right Interlock Paver

There are two ranges of products that you can find in local market place.

1 which are cheap and can be bargained for price but has an ill effect that it will be damanged and will have a high breakage leading to higher cost in replacement and extra labor.

2. which are of high quality and are a few Rs more costly but provide a guarantee in their products and does not break while laying or during the usages

Thickness: Choose 60mm for medium to heavy vehicles.

80mm and above is not for private residency but generally it is more suitable for heavy vehicular movements and need to bare more load bearings like heavy and loaded trucks.

Compressive Strength: A desired compressive strength should be at least above M30 or 30Mpa or 30N/mm2. Below this level would be considered a lower quality product of which product live could be compromised untimely and could cost more in long run.

If desired strength over M35 is more recommended for medium vehicles for private residency

Recommended Quality

For 60mm – M35 /M40

for 80mm – M40+