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Turfstone – Grass Paver

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Turfstone - Grass Paver


  • Useful for: Parking, Greenery, Ground Water Recharge
  • Uses: Medium weight Vehicles
  • Thickness: 80mm
  • Compressive Strength: M30
  • Load bearing Capacity: 11 Tons
  • Color: Natural Grey
  • Material: Concrete
  • Laying Technique: 40mm Stone dust as subbase over a compacted soil


  • Parking Space with Greenery
  • Ground Water Recharge capability.
  • Categorized under Greenery by  Building Standard.

Turfstone Paver: for parking with greenery with ground water recharge capability.

Fact: 10×10′ (100sqft) area is able to recharge ground water of about 125000ltrs annually which is equal to a normal water consumption of a typical household with 4 people.

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